Tuesday, August 6, 2013


One of the real estate wealth building programs that has really stuck out in my opinion is organized by Cody Sperber. His site (www.cleverinvestor.com) shows you the various sections of his program and what you could gain from his guidance. This site leads you to his free monthly blog with invaluable content on a myriad of real estate related subjects. Of course, you can also go through his mentoring program which provides even more in-depth information on multiple subjects in real estate, couches who will talk with you one on one on a weekly basis.

Some of the most interesting and valuable were the series on web presence and social media networking to locate and cultivate buyers and sellers and potential money sources. There are hours of content and one can get distracted if not careful. Each module is clearly defined and laid out so you have a clear understanding of what will be covered. Some modules include video, free reusable examples of successful campaign items. The videos are often tongue in cheek with a whimsical flavor. But there is good, complete and clear content even in the funniest of the videos.

On his present site he starts with a 7 Free Video Starter kit which you can download. You put in your email address so you can get the link to the videos set and are then lead to the next offering of another free program, THE ULTIMATE REI STARTER KIT, you just pay shipping and handling of $6.57. You get this free if you sign up for a 30 day free trial of the Pro Mentoring program.  This is the program that I signed up for and I was blown away with the quality and volume of information on the site.

Cody states he has his business set on “auto pilot.” I can believe that because if you go through and implement all the content from the modules, videos, and recorded webinars he shows you how to do the same thing. He gives you step by step instructions. But it will take work and time; setting up the auto system is not something you can do overnight.

I have a few complaints regarding the program:

1) Sometimes the music that plays behind the speakers in the videos is too loud and you can’t turn the music off. I am sure this is done to create a sense of urgency (the music is peppy and cheery, but it is also quite repetitive and can get on the nerves).

2) Because you have to watch the video and/or listen to them on the computer (i.e. you cannot download them to your Walkman) you are somewhat tied to the computer.  I realize they do this to protect their copy-right, but it is also very inconvenient. Having a cd that you can play in the car player would be helpful, but those items are more costly to produce, package and distribute. Therefore, I see that most of the online investment programs are going strictly to web view mode. You could view the modules on your smart phone, but that can get costly if you are not near a free internet connection point.

3) There is SOOOO much information on the site that you could spend hours and hours just listening and watching the content. This requires discipline on your part to stay focused.

According to the Home page the current product line includes:
Clever Investor Professional
Reverse Short Sale System
Fast Track Profit System
Mobile Marketing Machine (M3)
Clever Investor Coaching and Mentoring—his coaches will walk you through the program, hold your hand, and get you started in the right direction. They will even help assist you with getting the cash to close those “fast” deals that need to close in hours or days.
Each product has its own price tag, some as low as an introductory price of $97.00. What I would do is go through all the free content on the initial website. See if the format and information is going to be beneficial to you before you delve into the individual products. Even the free information will benefit you.

So far I have found that the Cody Sperber, Clever Investor program is the least expensive and most profitable in terms of content. If you have comments or input on this subject, please feel free to respond with comments. If you have criticisms, please be specific on the concern.



  1. Did you ever find out what the coaching cost?

  2. Very informative! I hope you share more about social media.

  3. I have been looking to get into the Real Estate business. I have watched a couple of his webinars and still a little uncertain about spending that kind of money unless I know for sure if his system works. I would like to get going sometime this year though. Would you recommend someone starting out to try this?

    1. I would find a REI (Real Estate Investment Club in your local area and go talk to other people.( http://www.reiclub.com/ ) Most likely you will find some people who have signed up for one or more programs. You can get a lot of free advise, free access to training and lending libraries at the bigger REI groups. See my most recent Blog on Prop Stream and Prop Trends. I think you get a lot of value for the dollar from Cody, but you can get a lot of free information from the REI groups.

  4. I wanted to ask if you still think that Cody Sperber and company are still worth looking into since you original post was August 2013. I am really trying to break the ice in real estate investing but have not done any deals as of yet. I was considering a training course like his but not sure.

  5. Scott:
    I have not been actively working with Cody Sperber or his organization recently. I still think the best move is to contact a local REI INVESTMENT CLUB. Go to REICLUB.COM. They show there is a club listed in Indianapolis, Indiana called INDY PROPERTY INVESTORS. I have not attended their meetings or been directly involved with this REI club, but it is a place to start. If I get time I will write again.

  6. How much was the Coaching Program? $5K, $10K, $20K or 30K, or $50K?