Thursday, August 8, 2013

REHAB VALUATOR, Daniil V. Kleyman and True Vision Analytics, LLC

REHAD VALUATOR, Daniil V. Kleyman and True Vision Analytics, LLC.

When I first sat through Daniil Kleyman’s webinar recommended by the REI CLUB, I was skeptical that a $97 program could offer much (it was new at the time and probably costs a lot more by now). But after purchasing the program and down loading it to my computer, I was blown away. True Daniil did not go through all the bells and whistles that many of the promoters use, but there was enough information in his presentation to make me curious about the product.
The Flipping Formula strategy it is not. After all The Flipping Formula includes a fancy notebook (although I never received mine as promised), a nice leather brief case, oodles of web training videos, weekly online webinars with your personal coach (if you purchase that  program), one three day one-on-one intensive training seminar with a live mentor who fills you with multiple strategies, web sheets, graphs and paper work that you download and take home, and then another three day conference with more specialists on various subjects (see my other blog on the three day buying summit in Las Vegas). But The Flipping Formula comes with a boo coo bucks, several thousand dollar price tag.

No this program can be had for less than a couple hundred dollars and it is amazing what it gives you in leverage with your buyers, sellers, and investors (including the hard money boys and girls). I am impressed with the speed at which I was up and running. When I downloaded the program at about 6:29 PM at night I had some problems getting the program to work. I was frustrated and shot off an email of complaint on the website. When I went online the next morning I already had a response from a nice young (at least he sounded young) named Jacob assuring me that we would be able to get the program up and running immediately, he just needed to know which Windows version I was on and whether I was on a Mac or PC.

I had also requested a partial refund on a second program (the Rental Valuator) that was offered as an extra incentive because I saw that other people were getting a reduced rate if both programs were purchased at the same time. Since my computer had messed up and I had to go back into the site to get the second program, I was not initially given the discounted price but I immediately requested the refund.

So that next morning I had two emails, one for an immediate partial refund (for the price discount) and the other from Jacob offering assistance to get not one, but both programs up and running immediately. I gave him the Windows version and he walked me though on the telephone to make sure that I could get the programs working with minimal effort. I had just down loaded the wrong versions (64 bit instead of 32 bit) for my computer. Once I downloaded the correct versions I had no further problems.

When you first open the REHAD VALUATOR you see that you are in an Excel work book laid out with a form to complete for PERSONAL AND PROPERTY INFORMATION. You can add a property or change existing information. Then you click UPDATE and go on and you come to the choices of WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? Here you can pick from a variety of options under the main subjects of Analysis (fill in calculation sheets for different types of tasks or calculations), Marketing (print out presentation reports) and Education (tutorial videos).

Each set of analysis forms produces a selection of reports that are dependent on your ultimate customer whether that is a buyer, seller or investor. Each report produces a professional, organized and stylish format that will appeal to the customer and show the value to that particular customer. The Excel forms are protected so that you can’t screw it up. You just fill in blue sections where it is asking for information such as the purchase price, rehab costs (general or in detail), the points and/or percent of interest that you are offering to pay the investor. One nice thing about the Analysis section is that you can play with several scenarios at the same time such as comparing a cash deal with a financed deal for one or more houses at the same time. That way you can see which one would give you the best profit.

A sampling of the reports that can be generated includes: Project Summary, Flip Rehab Budget, Marketing Sheet (Flip or Refi Exit), Cash flow Summary (Flip or Refit Exist), Private Lender Funding Request (Flip or Refi Exit), Comps Report, Additional Pics Page. As you click each report it immediately shows behind the form. You close the form, review the report, print it out and you have professional presentations for each customer. You don’t look like an amateur even if you feel like one.

The program is not going to tell you where to find motivated investors, buyers, or sellers, but it is going to give you the tools to help entice them and show them how they are going to benefit from the deal which takes you to the ultimate motivator: What’s in it for me.


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