Sunday, September 29, 2013


I have been attending a three day conference this weekend in San Diego sponsored by THE CLEVER INVESTOR, Cody Sperber. I stand by my earlier evaluation of the program and the training website. I still feel it is well organized, packed with excellent training videos and full of useful forms, illustrations, and case studies on real estate investing.  But I feel there could and should have been more meat to the conference. I am hoping they are filming the whole conference and will take time to watch the tape minute by minute to see where they could improve the presentation.

Some of the skits and the dance off were fun and entertaining, but there just wasn’t enough content. The content that has been provided so far could have filled one day instead of two. The last day of a conference is usually the day to try to sign people for more programs. I suspect there will be a lot of deserters today as people tour San Diego rather than attend the conference before they have to go home to Detroit, New Jersey, and Indianapolis, San Francisco, Bakersfield, etc.

As I walked the room it seemed that nearly everyone I met was from out of town and a newbie to real estate investing or at least to Cody’s program. Had I paid several hundred dollars to come from out of town, I would not be motivated to purchase the mentoring program. Perhaps the problem is that the organization has grown so fast that the conference organizers have not been able to keep up with the standard of the website. Most of the speakers are from Cody’s staff and organization and did offer good information, there just wasn’t enough of it to feel justified in the expense of the trip.  Coming only from East San Diego County, it was not as much of an expense for me (although the $38 in parking fees that I will end up paying, I could have used toward my cell phone bill.

By the time that Cody presented the invitation to join the mentoring program yesterday, I just don’t feel the conference had convinced people that they would get enough out of the program since, in my opinion, the conference had not lived up to the hype of no BS and full of content.

Not only was there not enough meat so far in the conference, some of the best information was offered very late in the day. Many people were tired, many had left and some were anxious to end the sessions and go out a see some of San Diego’s night life (it was Saturday night after all).

I will be attending today. I have to. My niece will be coming to the conference today. I have thought about calling her and telling her not to bother. Having been out of work for two years and just starting a new job she really doesn’t have the money to drive an hour, pay $10 for parking and only hear a spiel to sign up for more products.

I still love the enthusiasm and energy that Cody and his staff bring to floor, but I was just very disappointed in the overall volume of content. Perhaps I will be surprised today and get some good nuggets of information.

Anyone who attended the conference, please feel free to comment particularly if you do not agree with me.

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