Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The search feature provides CASH BUYERS showing how much and when they purchased the homes as well as the buyers name and address.

I have noticed from the number of views that people are really interested in PropStream so I thought I might show you a few more operations that you can perform in PropStream.

PropStream has a tab for searching for the cash buyers in a specific location. Attached are two pages from the search. Even my purchase on 7/19/13 for $42,500 for 408 Mildred Ave is showing.  The most current info appears to be about one month behind on this tab. I ran this report on 9/10/13 and the most recent cash sale is listed on 8/9/13.

Viewing my Quick Property Details sheet it appears that PropStream is still showing the former owner of Robinson Realty as the owner. So it is curious to me that the Cash Buyer Search Results do show that I purchased the property for cash on 7/19/13. I would think this should have updated by now, but I don’t know exactly the algorithyms or processes that this PropStream incorporates.

Below is the PROPERTY CHARACTERISTICS sheet for my property. This sheet is curious because PropStream shows the property sold on 6/14/13 for $101,000. Now I can’t imagine that Robinson Realty purchased the home for $101,000 and then sold it one month later for $42,500. So there seem to be some inconsistencies and the information does not seem to flow from one search page to the next. Perhaps the cash buyer search is pulling from a different source for that information.

Things I do like about PropStream is the information on Property Characteristics with the year Year Built, Has Pool (yes or no), Air Conditioning (yes or no), Quality (in this case Fair), Patio Type (Deck), Garage SqFt (518 sq ft), Exterior Wall (Frame). And then Site Information, Land Use (SFR), Lot Number 184.

On the page below you have the Search Results after entering the specific address on the Lobby page:

Note on the bottom of the frame that PropStream gives you comparables for the homes based on distance from your search address. You can click on the link button “Add” for each property to get further details.

The property showing in the right hand frame is the closest home. We see that one sold 11/23/04 for $58,445. You would not necessarily want to use that comp because it is too old, but if you scroll down the list there is at least one other home that is in close proximity sold 4/19/13 .

You can also link to Google Earth from PropStream and potentially see your house. You have to be care, however, because the addresses don’t necessarily line up exactly with the houses in the search.
My search showed a different address for what I believe to be my house as 410 Mildred:

Side Note: I am amazed at the pictures and clarity that you can get on Google Earth. The company must have thousands of people driving around and mapping the streets to get such detail and clarity. You want to be sure you are looking at the right property.

( I tried to make the pictures bigger for this blog, but I haven't figureed out what I am doing wrong. So hopefully you can still get the gest of the pictures.)

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    1. Thank you. It is easy to set up blog for free through Google Blogger. Then when I type the words in WORD, copy them and paste them into the "body" of the blog. I am using WINDOWS 7 operating system which has a feature called SNIPPING TOOL which I use to capture the image in PROP STREAM. I copy that image to a WORD sheet, save the sheet and then save the picture to my picture files. When you go back into the BLOGGER where you are creating the blog, you can paste or insert the picture that you have saved. You can even increase the size of the picture which I should have done above to make the pictures clearly. Then you select your "Labels" or "tags" and save your blog. There you have it. It is pretty simple. There might be a simplier way, but this works for me and I can keep the original WORD document as back up for my blog if something corrupts it..