Friday, September 20, 2013

VIP MASTERMIND SEMINAR with Cody Sperber and Staff of Clever Investor

Just a little update that the VIP MASTERMIND Seminar is coming up next week September 27 thru 29th. You can see my review of Cody’s program at The conference is probably full. I don’t know for sure because I don’t work for them.  (More info at their website:

They are having a cocktail hour Thursday evening to meet the staff and the following night there is a sit down dinner, proceeds from that are going to charity. As much as I would have liked to make a charitable contribution and go to the dinner, I have to pay my bills first. So I will have to skip the dinner. Once I actually have some income coming in from this process, then I will be able to be more charitable.

I am looking forward to the seminar and to meeting Cody and his staff personally. More recently I have been working on my video blogs and written blogs and websites and working to find funding. But funding is urgent particularly in the current real estate environment. You can find a great deal, and the deal will sell itself, but if you can’t get the funding FAST enough the deal is gone. Of course, if you are outside of San Diego area your market might not be quite as cut-throat.

This week I attended one three hour funding seminar with Lee Arnold, CEO, Private Money Exchange. (  Their financial arm is COGO CAPITAL which recently became licensed in California and opened a brick and mortar office in Laguna Hills (Orange County). If you pass their training instruction than they guarantee you 100 percent funding for projects that meet their funding criteria. The purpose of the training is to show you exactly what their requirements are and how to meet them.

They have a conference coming up in October which sounds just as exciting as Cody’s. At Lee’s conference people will be divided up into smaller groups and each group will be given 2 million dollars to allocate to funding requests that will be stacked on the table in front of each group. Now I don’t think these are current funding projects, but I understand they are real ones (possibly with the names and personal id numbers changed to protect the guilty and innocent alike). But the exercise should be very exciting and give a clear picture of what private money lenders are looking for in the deal proposals. This isn’t the training that I was referring to up above; that is more structured and many hours in length.

I haven't finished a review of Private Money Exchange (not to be confused with Private Money Goldmine--different company), but I am working on it.

Well enough for now. I have to go see if I can make some money.

(For investment funding text "FUNDING" to 41411.)


  1. Thanks for this blog, although people never care about the good one. Whatever, I always trust on Lee Arnold for Private money Exchange.

  2. Thank you. I have always found a lot of value in Lee Arnold's real estate training and brokerage program and funding sources.