Sunday, November 17, 2013


Nov 15 I attended a two hour seminar on real estate investing through Dean Graziosi group. I have attended a number such seminars as you can read in my other blogs and was curious about his program. I got into a bit of hot water with one of the presenters because I had given out my business card for and this blog site written on it, but I tried to explain to the person that I was not pro or negative on his organization because I simply did not know enough about it. He felt I was soliciting business. Fortunately, he did not make me leave as he could have done because I really did want to hear what was being discussed at the front of the room. And I had only given the web address to 5 people who were interested in the site or who wanted my phone number.

The real estate market is very hot right now and there are a lot of people coming into the recruit people to their programs. I would just suggest that people go to several seminars and investigate them before signing up. Don't fall for the "if you don't act now you may never have another chance" routine. It is what is referred to as the "call to action." Act now think later. Any good sales person knows that you have to have a call to action or you may not get the sale, but you as the buyer have the right to think about what is being proposed. There are a lot of training programs and each has its own mentors, programs (computer, training, website construction, telephone funneling systems to capture the callers and web visitors, online training and webinars). Some programs are better than others and have more follow-through. But they are all basically educational programs. You only get out of the program what you put in. You only succeed if you put in the work and follow what is taught.

This group promises 100 percent financing of your real estate deals with a 2 percent charge if you complete their training. They imply that you will have completed their training by paying the $2000. I suspect that you will have to pay a lot more for training before you will "qualify" for the 100 percent financing through their organization, but since I have not gone through their training, I can't confirm or deny that. Check out his website: see if his message and program is good fit for you, but again, this is an educational program. Don't expect something for nothing.

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