Monday, November 11, 2013


Since I was so excited to get an update from PROP STREAM, I just wanted to share my short experiment with you.

Remember that once I wrote that Prop Stream never seemed to update the options in the software? While I recently went into Prop Stream and was rewarded with an update. Below is the message. Not being able to download the spread sheets has always been one of my complaints. You could copy and paste, but that didn’t really allow for manipulation of the information without retyping all the info. Now it seems they have at least partially addressed that concern.


SELECT THE ZIP CODES THAT YOU WANT TO EXPORT. I tried to select more than one zip code, but the system seemed to only give me the first zip code on the list. I was using 92101, 92102, 92103. But only got 92101. Hopefully you can see the window below. The EXPORT button is in the lower right hand corner.

I found there are two easy ways to get all the zips that I wanted:
1)    Search for all zips of San Diego
Sort the zips in zip-code order
Select by clicking the box at the left of each address just the zips that I want and then download the Excel sheet.

2)    OR, just search by the specific zips that I want if there are only a few. Download each page and combine (cut and paste) the Excel search sheets together. This went quickly with just three zip codes.

You can specify your search with details such as how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, year of construction, listing date. I was impressed to see that they had very recent dates. I was searching 10/23/13 and had notices from 11/8/2013 (and I was searching this on 11/11/13)
If this page was exportable it would be even more phenomenal.
Each heading is sortable, so you could list by distance from property, or highest estimated value for example:

Of course, the more narrow the search the fewer results you will receive.
NOW WHAT I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE IS for the following page to be exportable. With this search, I put in a specific address and could get the pre-foreclosures within the closest distance, but as you can see you cannot export this file. There is no option to export. If you find a way that perhaps I have missed, please let me know.


Ah. Oh. There do seem to be some glitches in the system. I went back to sort for pre-foreclosures in 92101 again and started getting a message that there wasn’t any. So I had to go out of PROP STREAM and then go back in to get the requested sortation information again. But it seemed to work right away so maybe I had a button checked that was circumventing the previous sort.

Anyway, in conclusion I am thrilled to see the improvement and the possibility to now download at least some of the searches into an EXCEL sheet for easy manipulation and analysis.

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