Friday, December 20, 2013


While I was initially thrilled with the BUYERS ON FIRE website and software, some features are not working correctly and I have become distressed.

I really like John Cochran. I think he is dynamic, super smart, highly organized and provides valuable training in real estate. Initially I felt his BUYERS ON FIRE product was awesome. I particularly liked (and like) the clean layout of the home page. It is very easy to find what you are looking for: contacts, tags, phone numbers, campaigns, broadcasts, listings, smart links, websites, reports, messages, my tasks. And across the top of home page the system gives you links to search and import contacts, see your mailbox and who/and how many people have contacted you, how many and what telephone numbers have called you, and link to the Learning Center. But the SELLERS WEBSITE feature does not work and I have had some unfortunate experiences with other aspects of the program.

One of the features of the BUYERS ON FIRE program that I found very unique is that you can purchase and reserve different telephone numbers to tag to your properties and cities. When you list that telephone number in your Craig’s List ad, and the buyer calls that number you know immediately what city they are interested in and which property they are calling regarding. The caller’s telephone number is recorded in BUYERS ON FIRE, rings through to my personal cell phone number, and you are able to answer the call or the person could leave a message.

However, for several of weeks I received telephone calls from people who had received anonymous late night robo-calls supposedly from me. But the robo-calls did not leave any message and were made to random individuals who had never called in to BUYERS ON FIRE. The system did, however, show my reserved telephone number as the call back number. After getting several “return” calls to me I was finally able to figure out that at least one of the telephone numbers that I had with BUYERS ON FIRE appeared to be making the outgoing robo-calls. The only way that we could figure out how to stop the calls was to delete the telephone number from my list of reserved numbers.

The “return” calls stopped for the most part, but I still have received some strange calls from people stating that I had signed up for their services when I have not. While there may be no link between the incidences, the possibility is always in the back of my mind.

Most recently, I have been trying to delete the numerous “contacts” that I pegged as those that were initially phony outgoing robo-calls. (The system recorded the person’s telephone number when they “returned” my call.) The system allows me to select several of the “contacts”, click the DELETE, click the SELECTED CONTACTS, click the follow up buttons, but the “contacts” do not delete. Sometimes by the next day when I go back into the system the names are gone, but sometimes not. I find this distressing because I cannot trust what the system is doing and have lost confidence in the system.

The other feature which I particularly liked about the BUYERS ON FIRE software was the auto-responder MADE FOR YOU program. Once a person called my reserved number on my BUYERS ON FIRE website, or logged their email address, the system would store the telephone and/or email address. At that point the system would immediately start to generate auto-responders to let the customer know that we had received their inquiry and information would automatically be sent out to them via email, sms, and/or telephone call. You could go into the MADE FOR YOU auto-responders and modify what was said and how often the contact was made.  

I went through all my contacts and removed (unchecked) the tags which allowed the “made for you” auto-responders to send out SMS (text msgs), EMAILS, TELEPHONE CALLS, because I did not want to be accused of spamming and did not want anything going out that I did not specifically authorize.  I have not wanted to cancel my BUYERS ON FIRE account because I still find many of the training courses and information very informative and helpful in overall real estate training. But I will probably not be using the squeeze pages and personal websites that are part of the program.

The Learning Center is laid out in the same order as the Dashboard so you can zero in on the specific topic that is giving you grief. Each training videos is broken down into bit size pieces, sometimes just 10 minutes long, whatever is needed to explain a certain concept such as TAGS (1) What is a Tag, (2) Adding a new tag, (3) How to search for a tag, (4) Deleting a tag. On bigger topics such as Social Media, he breaks them down even further so you can focus on exactly the subject that is confusing for you. I find this extremely useful and easy to review a topic when I am foggy on the process.

Recently I signed up for two different program: REI BLACKBOOK, and CONNECTED INVESTORS. Both services have similar programs as BUYERS ON FIRE. I did a short review of REI BLACKBOOK in another blog. Also since the CONNECTED INVESTOR’S program is going through major changes right now, it will probably be awhile before I can fully evaluate the system.

I am very disheartened because the BUYERS ON FIRE program showed such great potential and I feel much compromised. I did not want to have to write a negative review of this program, but after a couple months of waiting for the problems to be corrected, I feel I have no choice.

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  1. Do you have an update since this post? I've been looking into purchasing the HUD and BOF combo.

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  2. Nicholas:
    I provided this update on another blog and was not sure if you saw it, so I am reprinting here. This was in response to comments about John Cochran's HUD program.

    Flipping and Real Estate InvestmentMay 20, 2014 at 12:28 PM
    Yes, I did pay the $997, but without the monthly fee as I got into the program while it was still in the testing phase. Just to be clear, I do not work for BoF or John Cochran. I think he is a phenomenal person. His training under the LEARNING CENTER on his website is exceptional. His program is more than just a software package, but includes a complete capture system to funnel buyers and sellers to a capture site where you can capture their information and be able to follow up with them automatically with voice, text, and emails. It also includes websites, and dedicated telephone numbers for your advertising, Since I have moved to the realm of creating and brokering loans, I have not been actively working on the BoF site, so I am not familiar with all the changes that may have occurred. If you are still unsure whether his program will be of benefit then I suggest that you attend several of the free webinars that he puts on so you can see how the system all comes together to form a complete package. The $97 per month is a hefty amount unless you are going to devote your attention the one site.
    I am currently paying $97 for the REI BLACKBOOK which is a different program and company. The monthly fee on this site provides real-time updates from the counties and public records. Yes, you can pull the individual county records yourself.

    Anytime there are real-time downloads from the public records, there is usually a monthly fee to pay for those downloads. If, however, you are looking for property in parts of the country where the county records are still antiquated (not on the computer or internet) then these downloads might not serve your purposes. Each investor's situation is different and thus not all programs are going to benefit the same way for all people.
    I have not participated in the $25K Fortune Builders program and thus can not comment as to whether it would beneficial for all people.

  3. I used it too and it was nice! This one does the same and even more! 9037025252

  4. I used it too and it was nice! This one does the same and even more! 9037025252

  5. The new buyers on fire is horrid. You heard me right. I paid $997 to have unlimited access to BOF on top of the $997 for BOF 2.0. John recently forced everyone to upgrade to BOF 3.0. My text message threads to my contacts did not transfer so I cannot see my conversations from the last 3 years with my clients and furthermore, now there is a 50 person blast limit without upgrading and even if you do upgrade, there is a 900 person list max per blast. One of my lists alone is over 1800. I paid for BOF Unlimited, I should get BOF unlimited, not this rubbish he forced us on. I hear a class action lawsuit in the not so distant future. I think it is only fair to either reimburse my $1994 (997x2) or downgrade me back to 2.0 because 2.0 is vastly superior to 3.0. This isn't about the money. This is about my business, livelihood and providing for my family. They literally could care less. I have called to request to speak to John Cochran multiple times but have never heard back. I know 1000's of others are in the same boat. WE DON'T WANT YOUR CRAPPY UPGRADE, WE WANT WHAT WE PAID FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. John Cochran, If your reading this call me.

  7. John Cochran, If your reading this call me.

  8. It should be called "Liars on Fire" I was forced to "upgrade" if it could be called that, to BOF 3.0 as well. This is nothing more than John Cochran's attempt to shakedown his client base for more cash by hijacking the previous software version ( 2.0 ) from his current customers. Maybe the FTC should get involved. The FTC has shut down several real estate guru's recently, for misleading their customers. With that said, I was shocked how quickly they refunded my 997.
    I guess there aware the day of reckoning is approaching like a train screaming down the track!

  9. Horrible p.o.s software. His video is full of lies and is so sale pitchy. I couldn't even get through all the tutorial videos because his credibility when down the drain after an hour of talking. I contacted their support phone numbers and none of them work. Sent an email expressing my concerns and they send a reply saying my access and account have been terminated after I entered in all my leads into their system. I've been in this industry for 5yeard and done over 50 deals... I have never seen such unprofessionalism in a crm company.

    All this guy does in his videos is bash other companies and people's processes which do work and claims he has the best system ever. Bunch of BS. I'm sticking with pipedrive.