Thursday, February 13, 2014


What do you need to complete a property sales transaction?
 A willing buyer, willing seller and a way to pay for it.

Over the past year I have been searching and reviewing a number of programs (see previous blogs) in search of the fastest and most efficient programs to facilitate my real estate transactions. Of late, I have discovered what I believe to be the fastest and easiest programs to find these three components.

Can you find these components without buying a program? Yes. You can take your time (or that of an intern’s) and go to the county court house and search the property records and find out who paid cash, and who owns what. But you will have spent a considerable of time, energy and money to find what you can retrieve in a matter of minutes with these three programs. So how much is your time worth?

Here are the basic steps to retrieve a list as long or short as your marketing budget can handle.

1)    Log into FIND MOTIVATED SELLERS NOW (not to be confused with FINDMOTIVATEDSELLERS.COM. That is a different product)

2)    Click Search if need be.

3)    Select the State of Property Location (you can search by county, city, zip and you can select up to 5 counties at a time, but you will get thousands of responses.

4)     You are limited to 12,000 downloads per month unless you upgrade.

5)    I selected CA (for California), then San Diego County

6)    At bottom of screen you can filter the search by High Equity/Free & Clear, Vacant, Out of State Owners, Advanced Search. I selected High Equity/Free and Clear, Vacant, Out Of State Owners as these are the most likely to be motivated to sell.

7)    Click Search

8)    After less than a minute I was given a list of 584 entries which included the Owner Name, Owner Address, Property Address, Properties Owned (which indicates how many properties came up under this owner), and the Type (High Equity / Free & Clear , Vacant)

9)    At this point you can export the list to an excel file and prepare and mail your own letters, or you can check the owners that you wa.nt to contact and go directly to the made-for-you Print My Letters.

10) Under PRINT MY LETTERS, you can have the letters mailed for you (for a charge), or print the made-for-you letters and made-for-you envelopes and you print and mail these letters.

Each of these programs work basically the same way: point, click and print.

It couldn’t be much easier than that.  Because the information is real time, you may have to pay a monthly fee for the information. And if you want to send out more than 12,000 letters a month there are premium accounts that you can establish.

Obviously there is a little bit more work to do because you initially have to set up your profile, upload you logo and put in your signature if you want these to print on the letters, but that is basically it.

I hope you find this information useful. Please comment on this blog. For investment funding text "FUNDING" to 41411.


  1. Wow this is really helpful information. My wife and I recently have entered the investment market and are discovering that unless we give up our full-time jobs, we can never get to the REOs fast enough to get into the game. So finding motivated sellers is our next best thing and your approach above seems like a good method. Your blog has been very informative.

    1. Thank you for your comments to the blog. I am glad to hear it was helpful. Every program is different but I find it better to pay for only what you need. There are more expensive programs but I have found that I was paying for a lot that was either a duplicate of what I already had or was simply tasks that I did not find useful for me. So be selective and try not to overwhelm yourself with different but expensive programs. I found these to be a good value for the price. But always watch for those that have a monthly fee and be sure you are going to use the program at least once a month, or start and stop the monthly charge as you need it. Some programs will let you do that without buying the program all over again.

  2. I attended one of those "meetings " you spoke of in other blogs. I did not sign on to a deal though. I received some helpful information in those meetings, but not enough to buy into anything. All of the information in these programs is available by public record. Most people work a minimum of 8 hours a day and new business owners almost never quit working. expect to put in the time and you will probably like the results. I decided to move slowly and learn the business on my own. If I depend on a program to do it for me it is not truly "Mine". I may not make millions in one year, but I am confident that I will be successful.

  3. Thank you for your comments. Real Estate is hot again. For several years after the Great Recession (the real estate market was a glutton of foreclosures and bankruptcies. People often just walked away from their homes because they could not recoup their cost. The problem now is that the inventory is drying up. You have to chose a different road to find the "motivated seller". There are thousands of out-of-state owners that don't really want to be landlords, but they could not sell their homes so they rented them. Many are still upside down on their mortgages. You want to change your strategy from buying HUD homes to negotiating wrap-arounds, seller financed, or lease-with-the-option-to-buy. The prices on the homes are going to be closer to current retail, but if you can get a seller to carry all or part of the purchase price then time will work in your favor as the market improves.
    Last year you still had sellers who would literally just give you the house, all you had to do was take over the loan and pay the transfer fees; you didn't even have to get your own financing. The banks seldom called the loans due because they were just happy to get paid. However, there is much less of that now and you have to be ready to change your tactics to match the market. I wish I could say that I was a great success at real estate investing, but I still consider myself to be a newbie. I am hoping that my blog will help others to avoid the same mistakes that I have made. I am working toward loan brokering since there are oodles of private investors just dying to get a better return on their money than the current 1.05% on their CDs. You can get info on loans and lending at