Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I wrote previously about REI BLACKBOOK (RBB) and the many phenomenal aspects of the program. I often get criticized for not listing prices in my blogs, but as I have said before there are often numerous prices available depending on the features and services that you as the buyer are interested in buying. And by the time you read this, this offer might be gone.

Sept 2, 2014 REI BLACKBOOK kicked off their newest update with a special offer of only $97.00 per month for the website hosting and complete use of the many features of REI BLACKBOOK. They have waived the normal licensing fee of $997.00.

Of all the many programs that I have signed up for and used, REI BLACKBOOK is one of the best and at a very nominal fee (even with the license fee). The newest addition to the program is BIRD DOG tracking.

You advertise for BIRD DOGS (BD—property finder) on Craig’s List, etc. using the website link provided by RBB for BD recruitment. The potential BD goes directly to your link and lists their name, city, and email address. As soon as they submit that information, they receive a confirmation email and are provided with the website and login password for their personal BIRD DOG ENGINE portal. Here your BD fills in additional information for their personal account with their mailing address and telephone number.

Now they are linked to your personal REI BLACKBOOK account and they can enter properties for your consideration and you have a way to track their submissions and pay them when the deal closes.

When he/she finds a property they log in and fill in all the pertinent details of the house. The BD can even upload pictures directly from their cell phone to your website. Their “find” shows up on your home page under a heading called “NEW PROPERTIES.”

Under the TOOLS tab on your home page, you have a link called MY BIRD DOGS. Here you can see the person’s name, the date their application was created, each property they have brought to your attention, and the current status of the property. You can accept, reject, or reject for further information each property. A message goes back to the BD.

On your RBB website, you can add additional information on the property, conduct analysis, draw comps, upload pictures and other documents, email BD members. You can list repairs, notes and tasks.

The BIRD DOG ENGINE is just one small segment of the program, so check out REI BLACKBOOK   Share the love,  you could be the proud winner of a MacBook Air, iPad, and iPhone 6!

(Disclaimer: Although I use REI BLACKBOOK, I do not get any compensation if you go to the link above. For investment funding text "FUNDING" to 41411)

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