Monday, January 19, 2015


IIf I had it to do over again there would be only one organization that I would work through: SECURED INVESTMENT CORPORATION (SIC). Let’s be clear that I get no financial compensation by making this statement. I am not part of their public relations department; I don’t work directly for them. I work for myself.

Over the past year and ½ I have attended numerous real estate training weekends and a variety of webinars with various real estate gurus and organizations, and gone through many home study programs, many of which I have written about in my other blogs. But none of the other real estate gurus came even close to having the FULL PACKAGE.

Under SIC you get the COMPLETE PACKAGE. You are thinking: What does that mean and why is it different than many of the others?

Many organizations says they have the complete training, or the complete system, but I didn’t see it. Some have the real estate purchasing and selling training. Some offer websites for generating leads. Some have the finding and funding of loans. Some have preparing the DECK and raising the money. Some train you on how to buy and sell real estate notes.  Some groups have various combinations of these services.

But I only found one organization that combined all this training, funding, servicing and reinvesting under one umbrella: SECURED INVESTMENT CORPORATION. There are several sub-divisions within the company that specialize in each aspect of real estate investing: 1) education and training on buying, selling, funding, and brokering, 2) funding the loans, 3) mortgage brokering loans, 4) mortgage note sales and, 5) mortgage note servicing.

Secured Investment Corporation is the mother company.
Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investment provides the education in buying, selling, brokering, and lending. Provides a website for ongoing training and a personalized website through the Private Money Exchange Affiliate Program.
COGO Capital provides the funding, and provides the websites for those trained as private money brokers.
Lake City Servicing provides the mortgage note servicing and assists with foreclosures when necessary.

Through these combined companies, you are guided through the Circle of Wealth where you first learn how to find and fund real estate transactions and then learn how to become the bank and make the loans. There couldn't be a more complete package.

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