Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I was derelict in updating you with regards to my Section 8 rental issues and the Kansas City Housing Authority.

The outcome was basically this. KCHA finally agreed to make the payments to my property manager who would then send the payments onto HORIZON TRUST, the custodial company for my Self-Directed IRA. This is what I had initially asked for in the first place and the Housing Authority had insisted that they could not do this.

But as it turned out the Section 8 tenant did not pay for one month and insisted on moving out almost immediately because of the house-heating issues that we had been struggling with from year one. I told my new property manager to go ahead and release her from the lease so we could once and for all get this heating issue resolved.

I had not fully comprehended the problem. Apparently construction of homes in Kansas City has the heat ducts and vents built right into the concrete foundation. It is not under the house or in the wall. In my home someone or something had caused the ducts to collapse or clog so heat was coming out of the heater but was NOT going through all the ducts and thus was not making it to two of the rooms in the house. I am not sure how the initial Section 8 inspection had missed this, but regardless they had.

With the help and professional assistance of my new property manager, Kymberly Griggsby at AUI Realty LLC, we ended up installing baseboard heaters that run along the baseboard bypassing the ducts altogether at least for two of the rooms.

AUI has found new tenants who seem to be happy with the heating, new flooring, new appliances, etc. and I am now hoping to see some income from THE HOUSE FROM HELL. It has taken two years that I have had a non-performing property.

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