Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Just to bring you up to date, I went through a second round of threats by the Jackson County Assessor’s office to foreclose on my house in Kansas City for non-payment of back property taxes.

Now if you read back on the various events that have happened with this house in Kansas City MO you will read that I thought I was buying a house free of any tax liens. This was in June 2013. I received paperwork for a property that had the wrong property assessor’s number, and wrong address for the house (I found out later that the property I had purchased was 7005 E 113th Terrace, and they told me the house was 7005 E 113th Street). When I had looked up to verify that taxes had been paid, everything checked out that taxes had been paid, but for the wrong house.

Then we discovered the errors in the paperwork by accident when the HOA for Ruskin Heights told me that the house was in foreclosure for non-payment of property taxes back to 2011 and it was going to a Tax Lien auction in May 2014. After much confusion the company that sold me the property (Marquis Properties LLC), stated that they had submitted a cashier’s check for the delinquent taxes. I checked the Jackson County Property Tax website a few days later and it showed that the check had been received. I didn’t look closely enough or revisit the site.

Then comes May 2014 and I contacted the Jackson County Assessor’s office to find out why I had not received a tax bill. They informed me that the property was for the second time going into foreclosure for non-payment of back taxes. I said to the woman on the phone that that was not possible, the taxes had been paid last year and all I should owe was for this current year. She also informed me that the matter had been turned over to the District Prosecuting Attorney’s office for bad checks.  After several visits to the website and many phone calls to the Collections and Prosecuting Attorney’s office I realized that although the Tax Assessor’s page had the correct name of the owner of the property (i.e. Horizon Trust), they had the wrong address for the owner. So that explained why I had not received any notices of the problem.

Then the Collections Department stated that several notices had been sent out to the maker of the check (i.e. Marquis Properties LLC) at the address listed on the check, but no one from Marquis had responded or appeared at the initial court date for resolution of the problem, that was the reason the bad check was turned over to Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

I immediately contacted Chad Deucher, Owner/Manager for Marquis Properties LLC and he assured me that his company would take care of this problem.  When the Jackson County Tax Assessor’s office placed a foreclosure-going-to-auction letter on my NEW tenant’s door, this naturally freaked them out. I asked the Property Manager to assure the tenants that this was a clerical error that would be corrected.

After numerous assurances from Chad that he would take care of this problem, and as the tax sale date approached I was forced to pay the nearly approx. $3000 in current and back taxes. I am extremely disappointed in Marquis Properties LLC and in Chad and Brian Nixon, the Kansas City contact. I won’t go so far as to say that they intentionally paid with a bad check last year, but it certainly looks that way, particularly since they did not respond to inquiries from County Collections.

Through lost rents, extra unexpected rehab, back taxes, etc. I have now paid double what the house is worth. Most people are saying “why haven’t you sold this losing proposition. And the only reason I can give is that I believe the land values are going up in this area because of the large development that is going in by Cerner Corporation:

Two towers are rising on Cerner’s south Kansas City site
July 28, 2015
Concrete has begun to rise on the largest economic development project in Missouri history, Cerner Corp.’s new Trails Campus in south Kansas City. Cranes now stand over construction on the first two towers of the $4.45 billion project, which will be Cerner’s third office campus in the metro area.
Click here to read the full article from the Kansas City Star.
This project is located close to my house. I believe that once this $4.45 Billion project is completed in 2016 that the value of my property will increase substantially and I should be able to charge a significantly larger amount for rent. (Although I have no intention of making my NEW tenants move out any time soon or raising their rent soon).

Besides, I guess I just can’t admit defeat. Everything has gone wrong on this property. It has been one nightmare after another between the wrong info on the property, wrong addresses on the papers filed for ownership of property, wrong “corrections” that were made to the documents, squatters in the property and no rent collected, incompetent initial property managers, non-paid back taxes, Section 8 drama with Kansas City Housing Authority, and then again with the bad check from Marquis and non-payment of back taxes, forced tax lien sale.

I think finally we have all the documentation correct, addresses correct including the address of the property and the address of the owner, taxes paid in full, heating repairs to the house, refurbished house, a Nice NEW tenant family in the house, Maybe, just maybe I can start making some money.

To make matters even worse, I have been burned by Marquis Properties LLC on two different properties, so I guess I am just a glutton for punishment. I should have learned from the first transaction. It is not likely that I will ever see any of the thousands that they owe me.

If someone put this into a novel no one could believe that this many problems could happen with one house. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the next thing was ghosts materializing in the house.

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